Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wedding Toss Ideas

Whether you call it a "wedding toss", "going away shower" or "rice throwing", the tradition of showering the newlywed couple with rice is a tradition that most couples still embrace.

  • Birdseed. This is pretty standard fare. You can dress it up or down to match the feel of your wedding.
  • Pre-tied in tulle or fabric packets. Just make sure that you tie bows, not knots, or your guests will never send you off!
  • Pre-tied in plastic communion cups wrapped with tulle or fabric to represent wedding bells.
  • Inside fabric “flowers” attached to floral picks. These should be done in the color(s) of your wedding and neatly arranged in one or more baskets with Styrofoam in the bottom to resemble real floral arrangements. (check out McCall's pattern #6969 for detailed instructions)
  • Try something different! Place loose birdseed in a fabulous crystal bowl and encourage guests to grab a handful on the way out the door.
  • Use a large bucket, jug, basket or other container to hold loose birdseed for your guests. This is best placed outdoors!
  • Bubbles. A newer trend and very popular if you have lots of children attending. I recommend supplementing with one or more bubble machines for really great photos. A word of caution here, look for “non-staining and non-toxic” formulas, and don’t use bubbles if your dress is silk.
  • Live butterfly releases. This is a beautiful addition to a natural outdoorsy feeling ceremony. Try a company like or
  • “Dove” release. Expertly trained white homing pigeons. In the Dallas area, try or
  • Balloon Release – put your wedding date and a mailing address inside each balloon, inviting those who find it to drop you a note. You’ll be amazed at how far your wedding balloons will travel! Please be sure to check with your city’s regulations to see if a permit is required and if there are special rules (some cities require that the balloons not be on ribbons for the safety of local wildlife). Check out our balloon page .
  • Rose Petals. Fresh, freeze dried or faux rose petals are a romantic way to be showered when you leave your wedding. Fresh ones are easy to do and will cost less if you do it yourself. Purchase one rose for every 2-4 people (so for 100 guests you would need 25 – 50 roses). Being careful of the thorns, hold the stem in one hand, close to the base of the rose. With the other hand, grasp the bud and gently twist and pull the entire head of the rose off of the stem. The stamen will often come out too (the little white and yellow parts). Gently shake the rose blossom until it is empty. You can even check with your local grocery or wholesale club and ask if you can purchase roses that are a few days old (the petals will still look fresh) Freeze dried petals are soft and still fragrant, try or . Faux petals can be purchased in your local crafts store or online at or
  • Confetti – If your theme is more party than fairytale, use confetti cannons and party poppers to celebrate your departure. Flutterfetti is a personal favorite ( ). Also for fun and unusual shaped confetti.
  • Paper Streamers. These are inexpensive, fun and available in many colors. Use them along with confetti for a truly festive occasion.
  • Fall Leaves. For a fall wedding, why not relive your childhood and run through that freshly raked pile of leaves? All right, so it’s artificial leaves and they are being tossed by your friends, but it’s close … right? Look for the sheer organza leaves to mix in and add a little shimmer!
  • Fireworks! Pass out sparklers and light them up just before the couple leaves. Really want to make it spectacular? Set up a small fireworks display with a professional pyrotechnics company. Again, check with your city, as these usually require permits and fire engines on standby.
  • Birdseed Alternatives. There are many companies now making prepackaged birdseed and rice alternatives for you. Like this one , and or
  • Herbs, Dried Lavender Buds or Potpourri. This is a favorite of aromatherapy enthusiasts! Make your own, or purchase from an online retailer like . Caution – make sure that it does not include any pinecones or large pieces of dried materials. I was actually hit in the face at a wedding I attended some years ago – OUCH!

Happy Tossing... Until Next Time,


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