Monday, June 13, 2005

Planning a Bachelor Party in Dallas

So, you're the best man... Congratulations! What's the first order of business? Well, if you ask the bride, it's making sure the groom arrives in a sober state and that you have a nicely polished toast prepared. But we all know that's not what is on your mind!

How do you throw an awesome bachelor party that he'll never forget? Here are some ideas:
  • Intead of the stereotypical stripper, why not go for a much classier option, a REAL Dancer (Belly Dancer, a.k.a Middle Eastern Dancer or Hula dancer a.k.a Poynesian Dancer)? Here are a few websites for area performers: Tribal Feat, Isis And The Stars Performers, Cresent Moon or Tamra Henna. A word of caution to you - these are professional dancers, not strippers or prostitutes. They will not give you a lap dance, don't ask!
  • Worried about drinking? Don't want to be the designated driver? Try a service like Last Night Events. They have some fabulous club hopping packages that include limo transportation, dinner, VIP club admission to multiple clubs, and free drinks. Or hire your own limo driver from A 2 Z Limos 4 U or Dallas Towncar. You'll be glad that you can keep the party started in safety.
  • Make a weekend of it. Sweep your best friend off to Las Vegas, Rio, or New York City. Make sure you plan something besides drinking and groping. What you ask? Dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by brandy and cigars, and try to take in a sporting event. The important thing here is "guy time".

He picked you to be the best man for a reason - don't let him down! And, if you feel overwhelmed or have serious time constraints, there is help out there! Hire a professional event planner to make sure that you have a great time!

- Noel Giger, Owner
A Spectacular Occasion, by Giger Design Studio. Noel has been helping people celebrate special occasions in spectacular ways for nearly 10 years. To hire Noel to plan your bachelor party or other occasion, call 469-583-4604 or e-mail Visit her website at


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